We are a small cattery located in Oak Hills, Southern California.

Approximately 2 years ago we started looking into something to fill the void of our 3 kids growing up and starting their own lives; either working or heading off to college.  After the Image 24 
hectic life of raising kids and working  we found all our now acquired down time needed to be filled with something meaningful and FUN.

The first and only endeavor we explored was raising Bengal Cats.  My wife and daughter fell in love instantly, but it was not until we had bought our first Seal Silver Mink Spotted Tabby Bengal and brought her home that I bit and bit hard – hook, line and sinker.

Rava + Crazy 1

We were very fortunate with our first purchases’ of kittens, as the sellers, “TheRealms” Don and Lydia Wright and “Koppiekatz” Bruce and Viki Safely, became close friends and mentors. Sharing their wisdom and insight into the Bengal Breed allowed us to learn about showing and breeding Bengals at an accelerated rate. The kittens
they allowed us to bring into our family are special and we feel honored to have been trusted with such precious gifts.
Rava Crazy 3

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